Upper Body and Glutes

This workout is special, as it contains glute work as well.

In fact, I recommend to do a Glute Activation routine before every workout. Especially with heavy exercises like shoulder press, bentover rows, you need to contract your core and glutes to prevent back injuries. Thus, I always do a 15 min Glutes warm up before any exercise routine.

If you would like more of a challenge, include Glute exercise as active rest. This way, you will elevate your heart rate, which will increase the overall calorie burn and your fitness level. And your glutes shape will improve as well. If you want to improve a muscle, you have to work it as frequent as possible but with the right intensity. Lifting heavy every day will actually weaken you even more and lead to break-down of muscle tissue. However, you can always implement light-weight exercises that isolate the muscle and don’t interfere with recovery.

Let me know if you like this style of training as well!

The Workout

Warm up

Glute Activation Routine (10-11min)

1 Round of:

  • Glute Bridge hold 1min
  • Single-legged Glute Bridge (or bilateral if that is too advanced)- As many repetitions as possible in 1 min
  • Side Clam – 1min
  • Donkey Kicks – 1min
  • Straight leg Donkey Kicks – 1min
  • Bodyweight Hip Thrusts (bilateral or single-legged) – 1min

Upper Body warm up:

1 Round of:

  • Reverse Fly Bodyweight or light weight – 25x
  • Scarecrows – 25x
  • Kneeling Push ups – 20x

The Strength Workout

Upper Body Circuit 1: 3 rounds of

  • Push ups – As many repetitions as you can
  • Bentover Rows – 10x

Glute Circuit 1: 2 rounds of

  • Reverse Hyper (with ankle weights if you can) – 20x
  • Squat to Side Leg Lift (with bands around knees if you are advanced) – 20x (10 each side)

Upper Body Circuit 2: 3 Rounds of

  • Shoulder Press – 10x
  • Lats Pulldown with Bands – 15x
  • Seated Row – 15x

Glute Circuit 2: 2 Rounds of

  • Donkey Kicks (with ankleweights if you can) – 10-15x
  • Straight Leg Donkey Kicks – 15x
  • Fire Hydrants – 15x (with ankle weights and/or band around knees)- 15x

Upper Body Circuit 3: 3 Rounds of

  • Chest Fly – 10-15x
  • Renegade Row (Plank Position Row)- 8x each side
  • Dumbbell Rear Raises – 15x

Glute Circuit 3: 2 Rounds of

  • Hip Thrusts (weighted if you can, single-legged if advanced)- 15x-20x
  • Squat to Curtsy Lunge – 15x each side
  • Feet elevated Glute Bridges (contract your core!, normal Glute Bridge if you are a beginner)- 15-20x


1 Round of as many repetitions as you can:

  • Reverse Fly
  • Pike Push up

⇒ After each Round, rest for 30-45 seconds, then repeat until the circuit is complete

⇒ After you have completed the third round of the first upper body circuit, move directly into the Glute Circuit. Again, rest 30-45 seconds after the first round of the glute circuit and then repeat. After you have completed circuit 1 for both upper body and glutes, rest for 1 minute and move on to Circuits 2.

⇒ This is a high volume workout for the upper body, as well as for the glutes. You can adjust the workout to your own needs. If you are short on time, complete fewer rounds or split the workout into two parts on two seperate days.

⇒ There is no need to add cardio to this workout. Try it out and you will find that you breathe very hard and sweat just as much as in a cardio routine.

⇒ Make sure to Cool down and stretch your upper body and glutes. Drink a lot of water and eat a meal soon after you are finished.

UpperBody and Glutes

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