Target: Glutes & Hamstrings

This Workout targets specifically the Glutes and Hamstrings (back of your thighs).

I included this as a sample routine to do on your leg day in my article on tightening the Lower Body.

This workout uses a technique I use frequently in my own routines and that is scientifically proven to activate more muscle fibers than traditional strength training.

After your own independent Warm up, you will first activate the Glute Muscles with my Activation Routine. I included the break-down below.

Then, you will Super Set one compound movement targeting the Lower body with an isolation exercise, which will activate the Glutes and Hamstrings to a higher extend. The compound movements work your entire body and thus burn a lot of calories and help lose fat and build muscle. The Isolation exercises will make sure that you use the right muscles to complete the movement during the compound exercises.

You will do these two exercises of one group back to back with no rest once, then rest and repeat this. I recommend beginners to start with 1-2 rounds, intermediate or advanced trainees can go with 3-4 rounds total.

This workout is fast paced and will leave you breathing for air. There is no need to add on hours of boring cardio, as this workout burns a lot of calories and builds muscle at the same time. 

This is great if you are short on time but want to make the best out of your workout hour!

Make sure to Cool Down after the Workout and Stretch or use a Foam Roller for your fatigued muscles. 

Unfortunately, you will very likely have sore muscles the next day, or even the day after that. You should not train your Lower Body on consecutive days, so make sure you do exercises targeting the Upper Body the following day after this routine.

The Workout

Glute Activation Routine

  • Glute Bridge (single-legged or both legs) – 15x
  • Side Lying Leg Raise – 15x right and left
  • Donkey Kicks Bent Leg – 15x right and left
  • Fire Hydrants – 15x right and left leg
  • Hip Thrusts bilateral (and unilateral) – 10-15x
  • Reverse Hyperextensions – 15x

Complete 2 Rounds of this

If you don’t know these exercises, check out videos of them here.

The Main Workout

♣ Single-legged Bridge (if you can’t do it on one leg, use both) – 15x – Super set with

Deadlift – 10x

♣ Bulgarian Split Squat – 10x right and left SS with

Hamstring Curls – 15x *

♣Curtsy Lunges – 10x SS right and left with

Fire Hydrants – 15x right and left

♣ Sumo Squats -10x SS with

Single-legged (or both legs) Hip Thrust – 10-15x

♣ Squat Jumps – 20x SS with

Reverse Hyperextension – 20x

  • You can complete the Hamstring Curls with ankle weights, resistance bands or on a ball
  • Try to use dumbbells or ankle weights during the main workout for the isolation exercises
  • Complete each movement slow and under control. Squeeze at the peak contraction to really activate the right muscles.
  • Remember that this is an advanced workout, listen to your body and while you should push hard, don’t hurt yourself.

And here is the printable (or save it on your computer) / pinable version:


Let me know if you liked this routine! 

3 responses to “Target: Glutes & Hamstrings

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  2. I’ve commented on another workout, but I just had to compliment you again on putting together a fantastic routine. I really appreciate your use of unilateral and bilateral movements. Your advice and workouts are helping me become much stronger and more balanced. I am an avid runner. I use your glute activation routine before almost every run and I run faster and stronger. I am using your strength routines 2x a week. My goals are more strength and balance oriented than aesthetic, however I am seeing aesthetic changes as well which is very exciting for me because even with years of fitness behind me, I never seem to look as fit as I am. I hope you continue sharing your knowledge and good luck in all you do.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Jennifer, thank you so much for these lovely comments. I have a lot more workouts I will share in the next days, I’m curious of your opinion! Some of them incorporate plyometrics which might help you generate more force when running. Feedback like this shows me I’m on the right track and motivates me to keep going. Thank you and keep me posted on your progress!


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