Shapely Shoulders

This workout uses some of the most effective shoulder exercises, activating all three parts of the deltoid muscle. Read more about muscle activation of the shoulders in this article. I explain each exercise thoroughly and give tips for proper form.

Especially nowadays many people have bad posture. Sitting all day and leaning over the desk when writing does contribute to that. With these exercises, you can build more strength and balance in your shoulders to pull your shoulder blades back in an upright position. 

Don’t start with heavy weights, as the shoulder muscles are small and can’t take too much force right away. Leave your ego behind and reevaluate your goals. Do you want to build strength and prevent injuries, or is it just about the looks? These exercises will surely help you to build a nice physique, you can see that as a bonus. Make sure you always focus on the long-term goals.

With that said, I hope you enjoy this workout and probably hopefully have some sore muscle afterwards!

The Workout

Warm up

  • Scarecrows -15x
  • External Rotation with Bands -15x
  • Bodyweight Reverse Fly -15x

Complete this warm up routine 1-2x. If your shoulders are burning, you are doing it right.

Strength Training

  • Face Pull – 15x super set with Lateral Raises -15x
  • Shoulder Press -8x super set with Lying/ Bentover Reverse Fly -10x
  • One arm Shoulder Press – 10x super set with Back Bows -15x
  • Pike Push up -10x super set with Standing Reverse Fly with Bands -15x

Complete 3-4 sets of these strength exercises.

Use as much weight as you can with proper form and muscle activation.

Make sure to rest enough after each super set.

⇒ We are hitting one muscle group throughout this workout, thus you will fatigue much more quickly than in a workout involving back or chest exercises as well.

⇒ I recommend to follow this routine with 15-20 Minutes of low to moderate intensity cardio. If you want to build size or don’t have much time, cut out the Cardio. However, if you would like to build muscle and burn fat and have some spare time, you should add on some Cardio. You can go walking, running, do bodyweight exercises (check out fitnessblender).

⇒ Make sure to Cool Down and stretch after this workout.

⇒ Don’t work your shoulders the next day. In fact, it is sufficient to hit the Upper Body 2-3x per week. Make sure to work your other Upper Body muscles (chest, back), as well as legs and core too.

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