OMG – Oh My Glutes

This Workout targets specifically the Glute Muscles.

Similar to my Glutes & Hamstrings Workout, we are super setting a compound movement and an isolation exercise to activate the Glutes even more.

Make sure to do your independent Warm up before starting this routine. I have written a thorough article on that, so make sure to check that out.

Then, you will complete 2 Rounds of my Glute Activation Routine, to really target the Glute muscles. You should be able to use your glutes only for those moves and feel a deep burn in the muscle, even with bodyweight! Do not start using weight if you are not able to control your own bodyweight. Everyone has a starting point and progressing too fast will only stall your overall results.

You can complete as many rounds of the main workout as you like. Again, listen to your body and push your limits without hurting yourself. 

You will complete two exercises per group back to back with no rest once, then rest as long as you need and repeat. That equals 1 Super set (SS).

Make sure to Cool Down afterwards and stretch your muscles.

Do not work the Lower Body the next day, do some Core or Upper Body exercises to let your legs rest. 

The Workout

Glute Activation

Complete 2 Rounds of this.

The Strength Exercises

♣ Squats – 10x Superset with

Donkey Kicks (Bent Legs) – 15x right and left (with ankle weights)

♣ Lunges -10x SS with

Glute Bridge – 15x (weighted if you can)

♣ Reverse Hyper – 15x SS with

Deadlift – 8x

Complete 2-4 Rounds of this.

Here is the printable (or pinable) version:


Let me know if you like this routine!

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