Glutes and Hamstrings

Before you do this workout, make sure to read my postWake up your posterior chain – How to target the Glutes and Hamstrings”!

  • SS means Superset: For example, you do 2o repetitions of the feet elevated Bridge and then immediately follow with 10 repetitions of Romanian Deadlifts. That equals 1 set. Repeat for 3-4 sets total and then continue with the next two exercises!
  • Lift as heavy as you can with proper form. You will get more results by lifting lighter but really feeling the muscles work than just throwing around heavy weights (and risk injure yourself with that).
  • Tell me if you liked this workout by commenting below 🙂

2015-08-07 15.10.54

2 responses to “Glutes and Hamstrings

  1. I really enjoyed this workout! Your tips on muscle activation have helped me a lot. I’m not new to fitness, but since I started following your advice I’ve finally started seeing changes in my body that I’ve been trying for, for years! More importantly, I have noticed an improvement in my true strength and my imbalances are improving. Thanks so much!

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    • Hi Jennifer, that makes me so happy! I have been training for 6 years now but it wasn’t until 2 years ago that I finally learned how to properly activate the right muscles. Thank you so much for reading and I’m excited for your progress! 🙂


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