Beautiful Back

This workout focuses heavily on the upper back muscles. Read more on muscle activation and proper form of these exercises in my article.

Make sure to use light weights the first time you do this workout. Especially the Rhomboids are small muscles that get neglected and stretched in our everyday activities. Sitting at your desk and leaning over your desk will put them in a stretched position and weaken your back. Prevent back injuries by strengthening those muscles to pull your shoulder blades down and back and improve your posture.

Don’t just work muscles you can see in the mirror. You can identify someone who has been working the front side of his body immediately by posture: Shoulder blades are oftentimes hunched forward, the pelvis is not in proper alignment, the front of the thighs are massive in comparison to the flat butt and back of the thighs. 

Try this workout and enjoy the different kind of muscle soreness you will experience. You are allowed to curse me during your workout, as long as you do the exercises with proper form, I am happy!

The Workout

Warm up

2 sets of:

  • Bodyweight Reverse Fly -25x
  • Bird Dog -10x on each side
  • Scarecrows – 25x

The Workout

Complete 3-4 sets of each exercise:

  • Lats Pulldown (Machine or Bands) – 15x -12x -10x (start light and use heavier weight/bands for the next sets)
  • Bent over Rows – Under-grip 10x super set One arm Rows – 15x -12x- 10x
  • Back Bows – 15x super set with Pull overs -10x
  • Seated Band Rows -15x super set with Bent over Rear Raises – 10x with 10 Pulses

⇒ Burnout: Reverse Fly weighted – 15x, then 15 Pulses

You can do some low-moderate intensity cardio after this strength training if you have more time. This will further increase your energy expenditure and help burn fat while building muscle.

Pinable or printable version:

beautiful backworkout

Let me know in the comments below if you liked this routine and I will come up with more torturous workouts 🙂

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