The right Training for fat loss and muscle building

Build muscle, lose fat: Training Tips to help you get lean and strong!

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Today, I am going to share my training tips to increase fat loss while trying to build muscle.


Who these tips are for

People with a healthy weight or slightly over-/underweight

If you have a lot of weight to lose (more than 5kg/ 10lbs), I would recommend you to stick to my Guide to weight loss and focus on achieving a healthy bodyweight first.

The same goes for all people underweight (more than 10 lbs).

The reason for this is that the following process of building muscle while burning fat will take a long time. If you are malnourished and underweight, I want you to gain muscle and (a little) fat as quickly as possible, so your body can function properly.

On the other hand, if you are obese, chances are your hunger hormones are out of balance. Thus, you need to achieve a healthy body fat percentage first and then start this program.

I highly recommend you to apply my Insulin reset to kickstart your weight loss and balance your hunger hormones.

People who want to become stronger, build a shapely body, boost self-esteem and feel good

If you are at a healthy weight (BMI 19-25) but want to improve your physique, decrease back pain, prevent injuries, increase bone density, be able to eat more food without gaining weight – the following program is perfect for you!

This program will take a long time but trust me, it is much more fun than cutting or bulking.

While cutting you are miserable because of the caloric deficit and loss of strength.

While bulking, it is hard to commit to the caloric surplus because you tend to look “fluffy“, as you gain fat along with muscle.

This program is awesome because you will not be at a caloric deficit, gain strength and muscle and still look lean! The only trait you need is patience. And trust the process!


Training Tips

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