Weight Loss and Holidays? – 10 Tips to make it work

Freshly baked warm, delicious cookies, family parties with wine … Christmas is approaching and so do huge amounts of food you would not normally eat.

 Weight loss and holidays does not work, does it?

Ironically, this is supposed to be a time of relaxation, enjoying time with family and recharging energy. However, many people on a diet or living the healthy lifestyle stress about the food choices they are going to make.

In fact, I know that some of you would rather stay home than going to those parties where you know you cannot control your appetite and potentially sabotage all your efforts in the kitchen.

Today, I will share some of my tips to survive the holidays and enjoy spending time with your loved ones without losing your health and fitness goals out of sight. Enjoy reading!

Weight Loss and Holidays – your Guide to Survive

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