How to work out with knee pain

Are you currently experiencing knee pain?

Nowadays, pain related to diseases of the knee-joint are very common and don’t only affect people of higher age. An example would be rheumatic diseases or teared/stretched ligaments surrounding the knee-joint.

Knee injuries take a longer time to heal and require a sports regime that fits the person’s needs.Cortisol injections only alleviate the pain for a few days until it comes back even worse. The reason for this is that Cortisol itself actually destroys the joint.

Luckily, many knee injuries can be treated and prevented with specific exercises.

If you are currently overweight or would like to start strength training but are battling with painful knees – you need an exercise routine that strengthens the muscles surrounding the joint without putting any force on the ligaments and the joint itself.

Today, I will share a workout suitable for bad knees.

In fact, I used it to heal my mother’s knee arthritis (she has rheumatic disease). This exercise routine was inspired by sports medicine research on how to decrease knee pain. This is an excellent article for more insights on this topic!

Work out with knee pain – Prevent and Heal

11 responses to “How to work out with knee pain

  1. Excellent ideas! Thank you. I will have to start with some of the other suggestions as my knee is too painful to kneel on at this time but will definitely try some of the exercises as the pain subsides.

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    • If you look at the newest research in medicine, it is long known that certain medications do more harm than good. The alternative involves participation of the patient himself and changing his/hers lifestyle and many doctors don’t want to spend so much with a patient to help them… I hope that educating people on what happens in the body will help them find their perfect method to heal! Thx for the lovely comment!

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