How to make Strength Training Fun again!

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Are you stuck with doing the traditional 3×10 set up of most strength training programs?

Strength Training is one of the fastest ways to improve your bone density, increase metabolism, shape your body and prevent metabolic diseases, such as Diabetes, heart disease and obesity.

However, most people get bored easily.

When I first started training, I was highly motivated, as I wanted to learn the proper form of each exercise to fight scoliosis. However, after a while, when strength training showed its effects and my back pain was gone, I noticed my workouts weren’t as fun anymore.

I researched for new training techniques and strategies to keep exercising enjoyable, while improving strength and speeding up fat loss.

I now that this article will be useful to many of you advanced trainees, as I got a lot of requests to share tips on how to make training more interesting. You can also utilize these strategies if you are a beginner, though you need to adjust intensity to your fitness level and strength.


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