Meet your Hunger Hormones – Part 1

Happy Wednesday!

Quick explanation for future posts: I will share an excerpt of posts I publish on, my main site. If you would like to read the rest, you can go there. I am doing this because there were problems with Jetpack and many of my wordpress followers missed my posts. Plus I want to be active on the community, which I love!

I Hope you enjoy reading!


I have already mentioned the Hunger Hormones Leptin and Ghrelin in so many articles but I never really explained the science behind it. As you seem to like scientific articles, I figured I should go more into detail on this topic.

In fact, knowing why you get hungry is very useful. I already taught you how to decrease food cravings. Now, you are going to learn how to understand you body’s signals even better.

Difference between Appetite and Hunger

First of all, appetite and hunger are often used interchangeable, yet they are not the same thing.

Appetite is the “desire” to eat something. You could also call it “food cravings”. If you have read my articles on cravings, you know that the Reward System in the Brain plays a major role here. {…}

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